Lark Voorhies

Lark Voorhies was born on  March 25th 1974 in Nashville, Tennessee. She first began acting at the age of two but postponed her acting career until the age of 11, when she appeared on Small Wonder (1985). Lark later starred as Lisa Turtle in Good Morning, Miss Bliss(1987), the predecessor to NBC’s popular teen series Saved by the Bell (1989). She later had roles in Days of Our Lives (1965) and In the House (1995), and starred as Jasmine Malone in The Bold and the Beautiful (1987).

Lark also appeared in several music videos, such as Kenny Lattimore‘s “Never Too Busy,”Dru Hill‘s “These are The Times,” and Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee.” She also appeared in commercials for Head and Shoulders shampoo (1998) and Oxy 10.