As a child growing up in Brooklyn, Jayson was a dreamer. His dreams weren’t unlike many of the other young boys his age, in his neighborhood- To one day wrestle professionally with the then World Wrestling Federation, to see himself on television, and to hear his name chanted by adoring fans at his beloved Madison Square Garden. At 14 years old, Jayson and a group of his friends went to the garden to see a WWE live event. After the show was over The Rock came out onto the wrestling ring and proceeded to talk to the audience. Although the show had already ended, the crowd was so captivated by him and what he was saying that no one moved! Although, he fell in love with wrestling long before that day, Jayson left the garden that night with a new found objective-he wanted that level of connection with people, with the fans; the love and respect that he saw mutually between the Rock and the fans that night”. While such an experience would be enough to ignite a small desire to one day be like “The Rock”, for most that is just what it would remain. A desire, a dream unfulfilled. The odds seem virtually impossible for most that they would ever make it into the WWE, nevertheless, reach the legendary heights of Dwayne The Rock Johnson. And for an African -American teenager being raised by a single mother in Flatbush,Brooklyn, the odds can seem even more insurmountable. First of all how does one even begin to find their way onto the WWE roster? The road is not as clearly mapped out as it is for those that hope to make it to the NBA or NFL. While most of his counterparts were worrying about the SAT’s and college applications, Jayson began planning. Having performed in various plays and productions at John Dewey Performing Arts High School, Jayson’s goal became even more apparent to him. While he valued education and thought about going to college, since he was a child he knew that he wanted to be an entertainer. His experiences on stage, in acting class, and from watching the WWE on television confirmed in him what he wanted to do with his life. Jayson couldn’t see how college could help him achieve his particular goals.” So at 17, after graduation Jayson set out on his path of making his dreams his reality. With laser like focus and unyielding determination Jayson left New York to pursue his dream at various wrestling schools across the country. It was in Louisville, Kentucky that his dreams began to take shape. At Ohio Valley Wrestling School, after four and a half years of struggle and hardship, Jayson signed his wrestling contract as a part of the tag team Cryme Tyme. At the tender age of 21 Jayson A. Paul became JTG, the youngest African- American to ever be signed to the WWE. Jayson has realized so many of his dreams time and time again. He wrestled for the WWE, he has definitely seen himself on the television and he has heard his name chanted from Madison Square Garden to Paris, France. For many people that would be enough, but not for Jayson. Like Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Hulk Hogan and many of the other wrestling legends, Jayson has now set his sights on making his mark on Hollywood. While he is not abandoning wrestling, as he still has more to accomplish as a wrestler, Jayson is also passionate about acting. With Jayson’s work with the WWE as a sports entertainer the transition for him is natural.