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Silver Screen PR is a public relations marketing group run by former industry talent who, through personal experience and growth, have mastered the art of building a successful public image. With over 30 years of real world experience both in front of the camera and behind it, we at Silver Screen PR understand the challenges and frustrations that accompany “making it” in the entertainment industry and we aim to alleviate our clients stress with a variety of publicity services.  A successful career in the industry can be hard to come by and even harder to keep, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to helping talented individuals in achieving their career goals and reaching their full potential.  

Today’s pop culture society is very complicated and fast paced but even with a media environment that is in a constant state of flux, Silver Screen PR has managed to stay ahead of the curve.  We believe that PR should not be limited to the red carpet.  95% of our work takes place behind the scenes such as:

  • Getting our clients interviews in print and on TV
  • Getting their photos and videos to all the major media outlets
  • Carefully crafting and managing social media profiles
  • Making introductions and helping our clients make professional connections that will be advantageous in their careers
  • Promoting our clients and their projects
  • Getting positively focused media attention
  • Providing solid advice and coaching whenever needed
  • Providing serious damage control to stop any potential damage to a client’s reputation and career. 


Silver Screen PR works in the background taking care of the footwork so that our clients can shine in the spotlight – just as stars are meant to do!  At Silver Screen PR our focus is not just on hollow “fame,” we concentrate on the overall quality and soul of each of our client’s careers.

Public appearance environments and red-carpet events can be chaotic and sometimes stressful, confusing, and very awkward.  As publicists, we at Silver Screen PR are able and ready to guide clients through the ritual of the red carpet in addition to landing vital interviews and photo/press opportunities.


By maintaining active and good personal and working relationships with all major image agencies (Wire Image, Getty, etc.), in addition to an extensive list of contacts that includes all press outlets and TV show runners, we are able to offer many opportunities and connections to help bring our clients closer to their career goals. Whether through an introduction, follow-up or with swift damage control, we at Silver Screen PR take great pride in our ability to take our clients careers to the next level.  We go above and beyond to ensure that each and every step taken (every event, project, or endorsement) will be beneficial to our client.   

Privacy and safety are also key roles within the Silver Screen PR business model.  Carefully crafted and thoughtfully maintained social networking profiles help to ensure that our client remain likable, relatable, and memorable in the public eye without sacrificing safety or privacy.  In a world where it is common for people to share everything they do, where they go, and even what they eat via social media and the internet, we strive to maintain balance for our clients; staying socially relevant while keeping “personal life” personal.  We help to provide personal safety for our clients by staying vigilant to ensure that sensitive personal information (home address, etc.) is not publicly accessible.  We strongly believe that press should be focused on each client’s work – not their personal life.  Silver Screen PR believes privacy is a crucial part of enriching and reinforcing a client’s image and is a key in avoiding any possible negative or distracting influences from tarnishing the careers of our clients.  Even in the toughest of situations, our experienced publicity team is able to provide relief in sensitive situations through careful mediation, quick thinking, careful examination, and strong focus even under pressure.   Although Silver Screen PR has been very successful in taking swift action when a potential media disaster does arise (for instance: when unfortunate circumstances landed one of our clients in jail – the first call they make is to us and we were able to keep this 100% out of the media) we strongly believe that personal privacy is the best defense against potential embarrassment.

A common misconception is that only actors or singers can benefit from having a publicist, but Silver Screen PR’s clientele come from many facets of the entertainment industry including film, television, sports, fashion, music & more!  Over the course of our long tenure in Hollywood we have become familiar with the vastly different challenges and demands involved in many areas of the industry.  We recognize that there is no single formula that will benefit everyone (if it were that easy, everyone would be rich and famous!), therefore we custom tailor our publicity strategies to best fit the needs of each individual client.  Having a career in the public eye is not easy, nor is it for the meek and that is why we aim to alleviate stress by acting as your go between to the media and the general public. You’ve made it this far, and we’d like to help take your career even further!

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